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The Right Experience,

The Right Choice

Katherine Keefe first announced her candidacy for Clerk of the 22nd Judicial Circuit Court in 2007, after working in the Circuit Clerk’s office for 20 years in a variety of capacities, with the support of retiring 30- year Circuit Court Clerk, Vernon W. Kays, Jr. Now in her third term as Circuit Clerk, with 32 years working in the office, 11 of them as the elected Circuit Clerk, Katherine Keefe continues to have the commitment and experience necessary to get the job done. 

Since 2008, when first elected Clerk, Katherine has made public access to court records a priority, in addition to taking her responsibility to spend your tax dollars wisely very seriously. Under her leadership the McHenry County Circuit Clerk’s office is considered one of the most technologically advanced and efficient offices in the state, leveraging technology upgrades to automate administrative work. We are working hard to ensure that our office is operating as lean and efficient as possible, because through our fiscal responsibility we can provide some tax relief for McHenry County taxpayers.

A Proven Record of Smaller More Efficient Government

  • As Circuit Clerk reduced personnel by 27% since 2008

  • Personnel reductions by attrition saving McHenry County $1.1 million annually

  • Reduced Printing & Supplies expense by 50% through automation


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